ask me nice

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words like a weapon ~ cut like a knife
you ask me in anger ~ what i'm feelin' tonight
if there is still hope for us ~ if we stand a chance
here's a passionate plea from me
to save our romance


just ask me nice ~ talk to me sweetly
i'll hear those words from your heart
try me and see
in paradise they know the answers
but here there's truth and there's lies
compromise…ask me nice

sharing the heart and the soul ~ not done easily
temperatures rise and fall ~ most definitely
we once were the best of friends ~ now i'm not so sure
i long for the voice of love
to renew us once more
repeat chorus


lately there's armour, and things left untold
what do you fear that are hearts will unfold
dragons and demons that fly in our minds
they get their power from words unkind

Lee Trees/vocals, guitar
Kip Kuepper/keyboards, bass
Christian Teele/drums

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© Lee Trees 2004