oh father

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tell me oh father…when did the heart seem to wander
when did the dreams go down?
and how was survival….here in this world full of suffering
here on this merry-go-round
and father please tell me you story, how you lived through this life
just one jewel from your heart….when did the madness start


oh father, the children are listening to every word
they won't go away till' your story is told
they won't close there eyes till' they hear the song in your soul
oh father, the moment of truth is so near
and know that I love you oh father..father so dear

  t he simplest recounting, maybe when you were a young man
full of the sky and rain
like me maybe father, were you alone in your suffering
o we just search in vain?
h father I'm lost, could you hold me,
could we please share one tear,
could you rock me like a child
know that's not your style

Lee Trees/vocals, guitar
Kip Kuepper/keyboards, bass
Bob Rebholz/ewi
Christian Teele/drums, percussion

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© Lee Trees 2004