shadow play

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mighty hands with trembling fingers
eaching out to touch your glove
watch the kiss and how it lingers
in the shadow play of love

want you where I cannot have you
hope you never call my bluff
i am certain this is voodoo
in the shadow play of love


in the shadow play of amore
who can know what loves to be
in the play of shadow light dear
there is more than we can see

  once described as quite delicious
you can never get enough
and yes you get to make three wishes
in the shadow play of love

(repeat chorus)

when you're down by churning waters
when she's deep inside your blood
when the chase is all that matters
you're in the shadow play of love

Lee Trees/vocals, guitar
Kip Kuepper/keyboards, bass
Bob Rebholz/flutes
Garner Pruitt/flugel horn
Christian Teele/drums

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Lee Trees 2004